Tasmanian Philatelic Society

Established 1900

2s Pictorial Stereotype printings flaw finder and plating guide

Richard Singleton

2d Stereotype.

http://corporalsafetymanagementllc.com/?p=operating-system-term-paper The 2d Pictorial was issued in four different printing types. The London print was first, issued at the end of 1899, easily identified as it has the ‘TAS’ watermark and perforation 14. Second were the lithograph printings, first issued in January 1902 on V over crown watermark and later in October 1905 on Crown over A watermark. Thirdly the electrotype printings issued in 1907 (earliest dated copy is 26 August 1907). The lithograph and electrotype printings can be told apart by the number of rows of windows as shown below: Lithograph 3 rows of windows Electrotype 2 rows of windows The final issue was the stereotypes (a form of electrotype printing) in January 1911. In October 1912 they were overprinted ‘ONE PENNY’ to overcome a shortage of the 1d’s. There were two plates and they can be identified from the electrotype printings by their size and plate flaws. http://centrostudicesu.com/?p=essay-help-to-kill-a-mockingbird Download or view  2d Stereotype flaw finder plates 1 & 2

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