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Tasmanian Post Office Handstamps at Auction

source url By Peter Allan and Ross Ewington


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page Group_of_4_handstamps--70mmDuring 2015 Tasmanian Stamp Auctions (http://www.tsauctions.com/auction ) offered a number of Tasmanian handstamps for auction including circular datestamps, crown seals and other engraved brass handstamps. It is rare to see surviving post office handstamps and only a few are known. Generally, redundant or worn out handstamps were destroyed by the Post Office.


source Given the very low survival rate of post office cancellers and instructional handstamps, collectors may be interested in the details of these items. Photographs of the face of the handstamps are shown below as well as a strike of each. In some cases, the handstamps show considerable wear and the strike is unclear which may explain why some were retired from use. The existence of the datestamps in private hands will be recorded in a new A-Z listing of Tasmanian postmarks currently in preparation.


next The origin of these items is not known but they were purchased by an observant fossicker at a Tasmanian council recycling shop. Realising that these items were something out of the ordinary, they were offered to Tasmanian Stamp Auctions and realized between $A200 ( Customs, General Post Office Hobart handstamps) and $A575 ( Claude Road circular datestamp)


research papers custom go here Note:  The Hobart West CDS1 Type 7 (L) T was not included in the auction consignment and has been in private hands for many years. It is included here for the record.


doctoral dissertation writing help approach Adamsfield CDS Type 5 (2R)

Registrar of Births, Deaths & Marriages
Green Ponds Crown Seal

apa research paper format sample Claude Road CDS Type 2

Adamsfield Births_deaths Claude_Road
Adamsfield_cds Births_deaths_handstamp claude_road_cds
General Post Office Hobart Customs
Harford Crown Seal
Hobart West CDS Type 7 (L) T
Customs Harford_ Hobart_West
Customs_oval_handstamp harford_crown_seal hobart_west_cds
Liena CDS Type 5(m) 4R
Brass Handstamp "For London"
Brass Handstamp Loose Letter
Liena London Loose_letter
Liena_cds London_handstamp Loose_Ship_Letter_handstamp
Lorinna Crown Seal
Mt Direction CDS Type 5(s) 3R
Port Arthur Crown Seal
Lorrina Mt_Direction Port_Arthur
lorina_crown_seal Mt_Direction-cds Port_Arthur_Crown_Seal
Ringarooma CDS Type 5(s)T Stamp Branch Hobart Crown Seal Turners March CDS Type 5(s) 2R
Ringarooma Stamp_Branch Turners_Marsh
ringarooma-cds stmp_branch_handstamp
Weegena CDS Type 4
CDS Showing Date Mechanism