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Established 1900

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Tasmanian Postal Guides

http://fire-q.co.uk/?p=apa-format-psychology-research-paper A number of Tasmanian Postal Guides are available for download. These were issued twice per year from the early 1890s and contain full details of contemporary Postal, Telegraph and Money Order services.
To date the Tasmanian Postal Guides we have span 1894 to 1901.
The Tasmanian Postal Guides include details of Postal and Stamp Duty Acts, postal rates, new routes, Post Office openings and closings for the year, Money Order and Telegraph services, related services and more. A careful reading of the guides will provide much useful information for those researching the postal and related services of the period.
NOTE: the files are quite large and will take some time to open and download

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Tasmanian Postal Guides