Tasmanian Philatelic Society

Established 1900



Tasmanian Philatelic Society (TPS) Incorporated

1d-Courier-150x159The Tasmanian Philatelic Society ( TPS) was founded in 1900 and is based in Hobart, Tasmania. The TPS caters for collectors of stamps, postcards, postal history postmarks and related material. TPS caters for collectors of Tasmania, worldwide and local collectors of all interests.


The Tasmanian Philatelic Society  meets monthly at 7:30 pm first Monday of the month  except for January and offers a program of displays on a wide range of philatelic topics.  A  “Sale by Tender” and exchange sheets provide the opportunity to buy and sell philatelic items.


TPS Members within Tasmania have access to a large philatelic library, watermark detectors and UV lights. Exchange books circulate within Tasmania providing a means of buying and selling philatelic material.

Tasmanian Philatelic Society Overseas Members

Overseas members are also well catered for by means of the Tasmanian Philatelic Society Journal, “The Courier” and access to a Members’ web site which contains specialised articles on Tasmanian topics. The TPS web site offers a wide range of articles on Tasmanian Philately. http://tps.org.au

TPS On-line discussion forum

An active on-line discussion forum has been established which contains an archive of material covering the whole field of Tasmanian Philately and Pictorial Postcards http://tps.org.au/bb

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 Latest News


A new book “Tasmanian Postal History: The Post Offices and their Datestamps” By John Hardinge is about to be published by the TPS. This publication is 256 pages in colour showing details and rarity ratings for every hand-held date stamp used in Tasmanian between 1822 and 2,000. For more details see https://tasstampbooks.com

New TPS Committee August 2017

Office bearers were elected at the AGM in August. Details on the TPS Committee page…

Next TPS meeting Mon 6 Nov 2017

Postal History of Paris 1849 – 76

Development of the French Post Office and specially the POs in Paris from the first stamp issue until introduction of the Type Sage. Covers showing early stamps, routes and rates will be shown and explained.

Meeting starts 7:30 PM, meeting rooms behind ‘Legacy” , 159 Macquarie St.

Visitors welcome.

1d Pictorial typo flaw finder

Richard Singleton has produced a flaw finder for the 1d Pictorial typographed stamps. [Read more …]

New Postal History article added

19 May 2016: Colin Tabeart, Australia-UK Mails – The Accountancy Period describes the arrangements for Australian States and UK regarding rates for Ship Mails between 1854 and 1856. A detailed article including 10 illustrations has been added to our Philatelic References section

 Tasmanian Postal Guides 1894 – 1901 added to Archives

A large collection of photocopied Tasmanian Post Office records is being added to the TPS Library. Postal Guides from the 1890s – early 1900s and two Guides for Postmasters, 1864 and 1870 are in the catalogue. 8 Tasmanian Postal Guides from 1894 to 1901 are available for download at this stage. More material will be added to the Library in coming months,

Crotty – Postal History

Crotty Township circa 1902A new article on the Postal History of Crotty on the West Coast of Tasmania has been added to the References section.

This includes maps, images of postmarks and some historic photos

21 Jul 2015 Tasmanian Postal History 1880 to 1890 Timeline added to References Section

Continuing the summary of Tasmanian Postal History, a new page listing the main changes from 1880 has been added to our website

Hobart Stamp Show 2016 website

The Hobart Stamp Show 2016 National stamp and postcard exhibition entry form and prospectus is now available. Applications close 1 August 2016

This is a National one-frame Exhibition presented by the Tasmanian Philatelic Society under the auspices of the Australian Philatelic Federation

Visit the Hobart Stamp Show 2016 website

7 July 2015

Postal History timeline from 1868 to 1880 added to References section

1/1/2015 New Rarity Ratings and guide to CDS on Tasmanian Pictorials – Reprint


5 June 2015: The revised Edition has now been re-printed and all backorders are in the mail. Purchasers of the first edition will receive a list of up-dates by email shortly.

This 48-page booklet includes new, expanded and revised rarity ratings, cds types, early and late dates, other markings on the Pictorial stamps and much more information.

Now available for $30 plus postage.  For more information and to order, see the  cds on pictorials publications page.

Tasmania – Postal History timeline 1803 – 1853

A brief summary of Tasmanian Postal History from first settlement to 1853 has been added to our site .
This includes important dates and details of Acts, introduction of handstamps, rate changes and a summary of the development of the postal system to the introduction of adhesive stamps and the Postal Act of 1853